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Recent and Current Narrative Work
695 MILES (2019) (FILM POEM)

Written and Performed by Amber Grieve 
Visuals by Amber Grieve
Electricae (2019) (Short Film)

Written by J. Francis Kennedy and Andrea Ambrogi
Directed by J. Francis Kennedy
Produced by Jonita Lushi and Michael McGrath
Help The Earth (2019) (Short Documentary)
Produced by Michael McGrath
Directed by Lydia Stock
Cinematography by Joel Wisdom-Peters
Edited by Amber Grieve
Music by Karina Zukova
Walking The Borderline (2019) (Documentary)
Coming Soon
Directed by Amber Sadler
Produced by Michael McGrath
Cinematography by Joel Wisdom-Peters and Jacob Bryant
Sound by Ellie Sedlen
Zone 10 (2019) (Short Film)
Coming Soon
Written by Jonita Lushi
Directed by Lydia Stock
Produced by Lydia Stock and Michael McGrath
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